Celebrating Our 7th Year In Business

As a doctor in Psychology, a teacher and a businessman, Dr. Paul and his wife, Barbara, “B”, a nurse and acupuncturist, have created Cabot Shores as a place for rest and renewal along life’s journey.  Founded in 2004,  Cabot Shores is now celebrating 7 years as a destination along the Cabot Trail.

Barbara is getting more involved as director of Gate of Life Healing Arts and turning our Bistro into a popular stop not only for guests, but for locals and for other travelers along the trail.  And, Paul,  a doctor of psychology, now focuses more on being a doctor of “adventure travel”.


What Advice Do We Have to Guests Planning A Trip

What about  2011?  We’re now open for adventures all 4 seasons.

Did you travel a long way to arrive at Cape Breton? Or a planning that trip?

Now that you ‘re here (or putting your plan together), wouldn’t it work well to be in l  adventure destination.

Oh, that destination could be the Cabot Trail, that’s a great drive and you can use us as a jump off spot.  But, what if you’ve already done the Trail or have your Cabot Trail drive sites planned? (if not, let us help you).  Choose from 1 or 3 day itineraries.

So do the Trail, it’s worth the ride and now what else is there for you in terms of Active Adventure–what we call an Adventure

A Day, Mild to Wild.

What about other adventures to do with your mate, your family, your friends and colleagues?  Well, you’re in luck.

Celebrating  7th Year on the Cabot Trail at Indian Brook

; 11th from the Breton Cove Farmhouse

Cabot Shores is now celebrating 7 years since founding at Indian Brook and 11 years at the Breton Cove location.  Lucky numbers for us, but you’re in luck because we’ve gathered some great gueides and experiences for you.  Many off  the beaten track.

So what do these adventures have in common?

1.  Adventures Mild to Wild–suitable for different ages, hiking speeds,  abilities, timeframes…

2.  Nearby:  most are within “walking distance” of Cabot Shores’ locations

3.  Guided (be with folks who’ve been there before, even developed and maintained some of the trails) which

lead to Waterfalls, beaches, Moose paths, Hidden Lakes, Great views and vistas, Virgin Forests, places of wild mushrooms, berries and herbs…

with Connection To Natural & Spectactular  Surroundings

4.  The People Connection

Time for fun connection with loved ones, friends, other guests (who ever has time to walk and talk these days, make a fire, take a swim when you’re hot, pick wild strawberries or raspberries or blueberries in season?)

5.  Flexible–you ca go faster or slower and still be connected to the group (our leaders make sure of that)

6.  Cultural & historic Connection

Tie to 10,000 years of natural and human history (Indian Brook on “Unamagi” land of fog/Cape Breton) is long time home of Mi’kmaq and other peoples; the area around Cabot Shores (Indian Brook and French River Wilderness; Bird Islands, Kelly’s mountain) all home to stories and legends that is shared with you

7.  Safety and comfort—occasionally you’ll be stretched just a bit outside comfort zone (that’s part of the adventure), but the hikes are safe, you can choose your level of pace and degree of difficulty; the logistics and details are taken care of and you share in the experience of being part of a group that assures a positive experience (although the weather is something we can’t control on Cape Breton)