Wild Women Writers’ Wilderness Retreat

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“Creativity is Humanity’s Best Quality!” ~CAW

Hey wild chicks everywhere:

So we wacky, wild women are gearing up for festivities for the Wacky, Wild and Wonderful Women’s Retreat (May 23-25, 2008) at Cabot Shores.

This first retreat will be an open chance for all who want to come, experience a rockin’, raucous time with a bunch of fabulous, diverse women, who can cook up a storm, chat up a hurricane and sing up a tsunami…There will be creative outlets for all…whether it be a high-end craft class with Sue, a mouth-watering cooking lesson with Nora and Sizzlin’ Sheila, or a writing workshop with Courtney…we will all be sharing our time and our talents and having a blast in the process.


Check out a free Interview between Author Courtney A. Walsh & Dr. Paul, founder of Cabot Shores Adventure & Retreat Centre. Click here to listen to the interview.

Courtney and her book Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin were just featured on NYC’s Morning Show with Mike and Juliet… you can watch the clip below!

About the facilitators:

Sue Hart is a full-time single mom and gallery/cafe owner. At her place, the Fulcrum Gallery in St. Andrews Sue has hosted world class artists and singers, Juno winners, even. She is the artsy/fartsy one and we love her indomitable spirit and wry sense of humor.

 Nora Deschaine or “No-Nonsense” Nora is a matriarch of her Pasmaquoddy tribe, the Director of Education who runs the school system like she runs her home—tight ship but always with a smile and a laugh. She is boisterous and rowdy, raunchy and ladylike all at the same time.

Courtney A. WalshCourtney A. Walsh is a new author who also works as a consultant and erstwhile career coach. Her new book is getting lots of groovy attention across the globe much to her pleased amazement and astonishment. Her current motto is: Oprah or bust!
Check out Courtney’s blog at scribechickie.blogspot.com and her book Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin.

This is us…now we want to know—who are you? We want to hear from all of you wonderful women who’d like to haul ass to Nova Scotia…way the heck up there, eh? (write: info@cabotshores.com with subject W-4 as in Wacky Wild and Wonderful Women’s….)

We promise to make it worth your while.

Join us for Cabot Shores’:

Wild Women Writers’ Wilderness Retreat!

When: September or October, 2009

What:3 fabulous days of women writing, laughing, eating, laughing, hiking, laughing, and shopping together! Come explore the natural wonders of Cape Breton and bring your sense of adventure and imagination.

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