Which Yurts, Domes and Chalets Have Hot Tubs at Cabot Shores?

Hot Tub at Cabot Shores' Blue Chalet
                                                         Blue Chalet Hot Tub


The question often asked is which yurts and domes have hot tubs at Cabot Shores.      And the other question is which have hot tubs on their decks or nearby?  Also, are there other hot tubs that can be used by guests from yurt and domes?

First, we have 3 kinds of hot tubs currently at Cabot Shores:

Soft Tubs Accommodate 2-5 People

Soft Tubs is a brand name for some of our more traditional hot tubs, powered by electricity.  They are NOT inflateable, they are solid.  They are heated by heat generated by the pump and jets, so if you pull the plug it will lose heat.    These hot tubs can be used at night or even the next morning before check out.

The Larger Soft Tubs are on the decks of the Green, Tan and Blue Chalets.

Here is the location of Smaller Soft Tubs which  are on the decks of the following:


  • The Forest Yurt, White Moon Yurt and Tiger Yurt (all for 2-3 people at a time  if you squeeze together)
  • Little Sky Yurt (on a deck about 10 feet away)

Cedar Tubs Accommodate 2-3 People

Our first tubs at Cabot Shores are Japanese Ofuro Cedar Tubs.   In Japan, folks take a shower and then sit in these tubs with the nice smell of cedar, as a practice, even a ritual.  The Cedar Tubs are heated by water heated by a wood stove, electric hot water heat and even solar.

Location of Cedar Tubs:

  • On decks of Cedar Yurt and the Tiny House
  • On decks of the Eagle and Blue Heron Domes (can also be moved to the Apple Dome, but not to the Beaver Cove Dome because there is no lower deck and it is out of range of our water)
Eagle Dome with hot tub at Cabot Shores
                      Eagle Dome with Hot Tub by Sanman
  • At a spot in between the Big Red and Little Blue Yurts  (this tub is heated by water from water heats or from a wood stove which you can keep going)

The Cedar Tubs are more like a bath tub.  Like the soft tubs, we aim for temperatures between 100-106 degrees Farenheit.  Often we will have it above this temperature so by the time you go into the tub, say after dinner or dark, it may have gone down to between 100-104 degrees F.

Big Hot Tubs

One large hot tub is on the patio of the lodge, under the deck facing Church Pond and the Atlantic.


The other large hot tub is on the side deck of the Blue Chalet.

Each of these tubs holds 4-6 people.