What are Your Tips for Being on Web TV?–WGBH/AARP?

***TV Interview ***

Gonna be on TV interview with a bunch
of baby boomers on public TV WGBH, Boston.

Almost 4 years ago, Barbara and I went
to a mansion in Massachusetts and were
interviewed for a proposed TV documentary–
a kind of baby boomer retreat.

Not like the retreats and gatherings at Cabot
Shores–no kayaks present, no moose or eagles
in sight–but experts on
health, relationships, finance, sex, food…

It was fun but the pilot wasn’t syndicated, but
now it’s back and we got a call to go to Boston
to be re-interviewed!

Barbara and the other boomers were clear, photogenic
and engaging.  The host and production crew  were terrific.
Not so sure about
the experts and even surer that I may have doomed the
pilot.  Could been I jinxed it with my quirky story.

So now I’m faced with being on a PBS, WGBH TV
set, with a great editor of the AARP, Hugh Delehanty,
with 55 million subscribers, and I really don’t want
to blow it again for the show.

***Just Kidding***

Of course, it doesn’t rest on me.  I’m just a small
player in one show, but do you have any tips on
being on TV.  It does matter.

I’m kind of representing at least the spirit of
Cabot Shores and the story of a small slice of
Cape Breton.

How to bring the Cabot Shores’ experience all the
way to Boston?  Because Cabot Shores and Cape Breton
has really been what I have been about these last 4
years…actually the 7 years we’ve been doing Cabot
Shores (lucky 7 and counting)

It’s been about Indian Brook Great Falls, about hiking early in
the day and about meeting great guests and guides…and
even corresponding with folks who will never make it
to Cape Breton ever  or who will never make it back.

There’s a lot of world to see and experience (and, oh my
gosh, there’s a lot world potentially watching the Show)

So, I’ll take whatever you  saw or write to heart and use it
somehow as I hear the questions and give some answers…and
move around in the lights and on camera.

What are your tips?