Water Adventures

Yolo Boards and Pets

Cabot Shores is all about adventure. We have over 50 acres on our end of the Cabot Trail waiting to be explored. To get your bearings, just take a stroll down to our private beach. On your way, you’ll pass intriguing coastal inlets and rivers. We also rent Yolo boards, kayaks, and canoes if you get the sudden urge to explore our unique coastline in detail from the water.

Yolo Boards

You only live once. Now you know what “Yolo” means. It’s Stand Up Paddling (SUP), but it’s more than mere paddling. Yolo boards give you a whole different sense of the world, because you flow with the nature around you. Cabot Shores has plenty of coastal inlets to explore. If you’re more experienced (and it’s calm), you can venture out into the Atlantic. First time on a Yolo Board? We provide lessons to get you up and paddling in no time. If you haven’t been on a Yolo board, you only live once…



The coastline of Cape Breton is next to impossible to fully explore on foot. But in a kayak, different story. Cabot Shores offer you kayaks for a fee to paddle the shoreline of Church Pond and Indian Brook. Go solo or take a friend with one of our double kayaks. Brought your dog with you to Cabot Shores? Cool. Our double kayaks are a best friend’s best friend.



Want to paddle along the shoreline with some friends? A canoe is a great way to explore. Be sure to bring along binoculars to watch for birds, the occasional beaver, deer and moose on shore. Each canoe can hold from one to three people. And we have more than one canoe if you want to explore with a larger group. Grab adventure by the paddle and hit the water.