Toasting Year Round Travel Adventurers from Velo Cape Breton

4 Seasons’ Adventurers (Velo Cape Breton’s Jacques & Micheline)

Do you remember the feeling of joy when you first got on a bicycle (or motorcycle) when you

were able really to GO somewhere?  We get a number of passionate cyclists (and bikers) coming to

Cabot Shores from near and far…


…And every once in a while, you meet pioneers who make a big difference around Cape Breton, who help

guide people on and off Island.  These  “travel adventurers”  fit into a special category for me  and two avid cyclists–

Jacques  Cote  and Micheline Guillot started  a bicycle  club 9 years ago called  Velo Cape Breton (helping cyclists here and

from around the world explore Cape Breton, have fun and promote good health all in one full swoop)

I went to their annual dinner to give them a Cabot Shores  “adventurers award”for their summer activities and for their daring during last year’s

Valentine’s Getaway Weekend (they braved a snowstorm to be in our Bistro and Lodge) and then the next morning

carried on their 4 seasons of adventure, by snowshoeing up the wilderness trail to Indian Brook Great Falls…

Bistro Fun & Bike Fitness




Winter adventures: to Indian Brook Falls