Tipi UP

Mi’kmaq Charley Pierro helped put up the Tipi poles which blew down this past winter.
Every year Charley and his  wife Melee come to check on the Tipi and often do ceremonies there
and around a fire nearby .
Getting the poles ready was quite a summer project and lots of hands helped with finding trees 22 feet long, 2 cm at the bottom and straight, then smoothing them with a draw knife and sandpaper and then putting them up so you see them from the inside:
The Tipi is much in demand for lodging and even has been used by 3 generations celebrating a birthday …folks off different
ages and cultures love the Tipi, at all times of the day.
The Tipi held 8 people for a birthday weekend of guests from Ontario:   the Grandparents; their son and wife and 4 kids…All slept in the Tipi, had fires in fire site next to it, and had a surprise birthday celebration with fresh seafood and birthday music in Whiff’s lodge.
The Tipi can be booked for Groups, families, couples and even the solo traveler.

View of the Tipi Different Times of Day

Photo by Joan Bezanson
Early Morning Tipi
Katya's photo of Tipi by Night
Nighttime Tipi



Afternoon Tipi