May 2018 Newsletter

Warm weather is finally here on Cape Breton! The last of the snow has melted away and our kayaks are in the water. Read below to find out what you could have in store at Cabot Shores over the coming months. There will be delicious food, traditional music, treetop domes, and pet-friendly adventure! Mother’s Day …

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Cabot Shores Retreats

What is a retreat and why would one participate in one?
The word retreat suggests a temporary pulling back for the demands of one’s life. It’s traditional purpose is to create space and time away to focus on something specific – perhaps learn something new, such as a musical instrument  or deepen our understanding or skill of something such as painting, or yoga, or meditation, or connecting with othera around a particular issue. Such a  retreat creates a kind of container that keeps out demands and distractions, allowing you to relax into a different sense of time, focus as much as […]