Solar Hot Water at Cabot Shores


Whiff’s lodge is home to guestrooms,  a full services Bistro, laundry services for guests of the whole Resort…in short, mucho hot water is consumed.

Developing a source of renewable energy for hot water became a priority.After thoroughly investigating our options, we decided to install a solar hot water system.  A team of staff and interns studying renewable energy looked into it and helped with the requirements and design and location.    Thierry Spiess, a graduates  of the University of Montreal, was especially helpful in the process.   Barbara and guests  Linda Kenney from and Sindy Malitz from Germany helped build the rock stairway and flower garden you’ll see in the photo above.

In July 2010, Appleseed Energy of Arichat, Cape Breton, NS, worked with us to install a solar hot water panel large enough to supply Whiff’s lodge with hot water.    Brian Rose and Ross MacDonald did the installation and invited us for an interesting afternoon seeing their own renewable energy projects (on and off the grid) at Arichat and Janvrin’s Island.Feels good to take hot showers, knowing that it’s heated by a renewable source of energy – even in the depth of winter!   At least on sunny days!