Sharon’s Homemade Pies

Cabot Shores Love Sharon's Homemade Pies
Sharon’s Pies











Sharon’s pies are a big hit at Cabot Shores.  Sharon Lafford has a thriving pie business at Eskasoni, about an hour and a half from Cabot Shores, but Dr. Paul and guest Dave Keenan insisted that she offer them to Cabot Shores’ guests.


When Dr. Paul and Keenan were at the Lafford house, cooking fresh caught haddock, there was a steady stream of visitors ringing the doorbell.  Sharon excused herself and would return with a smile.   We thought she had more visitors, but it was just neighbors and community members letting her know what they wanted.   “More pies ordered , more work tomorrow!”  All evening

Made using a family recipe, passed from generation to generation, Sharons pies include:  apple, cherry, strawberry rhubarb, lemon and even a variety of meat pies.


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