Service Learning at Cabot Shores 2012

Having reflected in gratitude on the amazing learning and accomplishments of our 2011  Volunteers, we now set forth our vision for 2012.

We are inviting people interested in Service-Learning at Cabot Shores who…

* Wish to live in a community of  people who enjoy working, serving,  learning and growing together

  * Aspire tol bring their kindness, generosity, an open mind, curiosity, skill, willingness, and full participation to everything they are asked to do


* Wish to learn about & expeirence Healing Arts such as meditation, Qi Gong, Morning Yoga with the intention of developing or deepening a daily body-mind practice


* Will do their magic in the gardens…harvest, cook with and put up produce


* Will help paint, clear out, clean and refurbish Dolly’s House, our summer staff house


* Will produce delicious, nutritious, mostly vegetarian staff meals (we do eat some meat and fish)…bake bread, make yogurt, granola, truffles and other delectables for staff & guests…learn to run our wood-fired pizza oven and create pizza for guests and staff…


* Will help move, set up & paint the Baby Bistro and  serve espresso, lattes, baked goods & treats to our guests as well as dispense information about Cabot Shores and outdoor adventures, rent out equipment, book tours etc


* Will care for our chickens and compost their manure…enjoy playing with Cosmo….discover where the moose and eagle live


* Will kayak, yolo-board, canoe on Church Pond, bringing back loads of seaweed for the garden mulch…Hike the Indian Brook Wilderness to several waterfalls….swim in the Atlantic, in Indian Brook and in Church Pond….


* Participate in guiding guests and each other on land and water….be guided in a sweat lodge or other Native ceremony


* Will attend local ceilidhs….go on a boat tour….visit Gampo Abbey & Kalapa Valley….explore the Cabot Trail and Cape Breton National Highlands Park

* Help set up & run festivals (Good Health Festival, Wabanaki Festival, Shambhala Harvest of Peace), retreats, Retreat Yourself (for young cancer survivors), BCANS (for Breast Cancer survivors), and Educational Programs (Road Scholar) and more to come….


* Will fish for mackerel by the Ferry and learn to process and smoke this fish….


* Will enrich our guests and each other with music and dance performances…


* Will take photographs…make videos…document events and adventures….


* Will serve meals to our guests, tend bar, and clean up after….


* Will help run our recycling & composting program and deal with garbage disposal….


* Will prune our apple trees….make trails….mow lawns….landscape…..cut & split & stack firewood



* Will help set up, furnish and decorate the tipi & yurt,  and small and large tents


* Will help with small building, maintenance (i.e. build cold frames, a small greenhouse, stain decks & research renewable energy projects)


* Are willing to engage in some, all, most of the above and more,  and are willing to do whatever is needed at any given time and learn about being comfortable with the unexpected, the things that get in the way, a bit of occasional chaos (the Chinese Character for Chaos signifies “A Place where Brilliant Dreams are Born”), and have a sense of humor….


If this is appealing to you, please get in touch with us:  [email protected]  Check us out on OrionGrassroots, WwoofCandada, Helpx, WorkAway and sign up for our newsletter on our website: www.cabotshores.com – we look forward to hearing from you! [email protected]