Puffins Brighten A Grey Day For Marathon Runners

Seeking respite after running the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax ten guests from Hamilton Ontario stayed the weekend in the chalets at Cabot Shores.

It was a time for relaxation and recuperation whilst enjoying the hospitality offered by Paul and Barbara.

The lounge & dining area in the great room in the Lodge gave everyone a well earned chance to put their feet up and unwind enjoying a drink and dinner with the first lobsters of the season – providing a new experience for some and a sumptuous feast for all.

The following day, and even though the fog rolled in from the ocean, the sun showed promise to shine through and everyone piled into their cars to head over the Englishtown Ferry to meet Donelda and her husband John to join their Puffin Boat Tour out to Bird Islands.


Not far out from port, we were soon delighted by our first sighting of a Bald Eagle flying over head knowing that the boat meant the promise of an early and easily caught lunch as Donelda threw a fish.


Despite trying valiantly, the sun was sadly not up to task of raising the fog completely, but that did not deter our intrepid voyagers as they peered through the swirling mists to see Guillemots, Razorbills, Cormorants, Gulls, Kittiwakes and eventually Puffins.


“The humming birds of the sea” Donelda called them as their little wings beat rapidly in flight (up to 400 times a minute) being designed for swimming, like a penguin, rather than for the air. Puffins are true water birds, spending all winter at sea and coming to land only for the breeding season. To find out more about these remarkable little birds, you’ll just have to join Donelda for one of her fantastic Puffin Boat Tours.