Polar Bear Swims at Cabot Shores

After being repeatedly pummeled by high winds, heavy downpours, storms and flooding, Cape Breton Island is finally seeing some sunshine.  Inspired by the sun and relatively mild weather, two women and a dog courageously set out to do a polar bear swim at Cabot Shores on New Year’s day.

Finding the right spot – easy in and out – took a bit of exploring. Either the bank was too steep, or too icy, or the water too shallow. Finally, just after sunset, they decided that one of the Church Pond inlets, in back of Cabot Shores lodge was perfect.

In the presence of a photographer willing to document (Linda Wright took the pictures), and a first responder who both happened to be attending Cabot Shores’ New Year’s Levee–Gayle of Shelburne Falls,  Massachusetts; and Ruby of London, UK; and Cosmo of Cape Breton jumped into the pond, took several strokes and emerged invigorated and beaming from the water.

Mazeltov to both of you – well done!

On January 2nd, an even milder day, the Polar Bear swim was once more undertaken, again by two women, Gayle and Bonnie, this time at the Indian Brook swimming hole – much colder apparently, than Church Pond.

Mark your calendar:  The date has already been set for 2012 New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim at Cabot Shores – of course you’re invited to the Levee as well.