Pet Friendly: Mind, Body, Spirit

Blizzards and wind-chill are the drudgery of winter months, but they don’t stop our Cabot Shores pup, Cosmo, from enjoying snow-filled frolics. As we humans retreat to the indoors, the blithe, bountiful attitude of the animal is something we can all learn from. A mind free of inhibitions and emotional hang-ups, our pets are unphased by the obstacles of life’s journey. Pets are engaged with their surroundings and live in the present– this is a practice yogis and wellness gurus preach. Its no wonder why we’re bound to their spirits. Our pets bring companionship in its most primitive form. Here at The Shore, we keep up with Cosmo by taking morning hikes (bundled up!), snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. It feels good to let go!

In honor of our pets and our own well-being, we invite you to participate in the “Tails of Cabot Shores”. Share your stories with us about your own pet. Heartfelt, courageous, or just plain silly– we want to hear it all. Was it an adventure at Cabot Shores? A tale of health and happiness? We love our animals (that includes visitors!) and want to encourage the conversations of pet accommodations.

Provide your “tail” to sylvia@cabotshores.com, and if you’re up for it, vote for Cabot Shores as a Pet Friendly Resort with a simple one-click vote on Petfriendly.ca. (direct link provided.)