Pet-friendly Travel, Lodging and Adventure are on the Rise at Cabot Shores

Did you ever feel like you’d like to travel to a special vacation spot and wonder if ALL family members are welcome–your kids,  your pet or both?  Don’t want people to be all snooty about it and for everyone to be at ease. .

More and more often, that  special family member is a dog  and we decided to take our dog Cosmo on a vacation last year, travelling from our own Nova Scotia resort, Cabot Shores on Cape Breton , all the way to a cottage near hot springs in the mountains of southern Colorado.

On the way we met a bunch of other folks traveling with pets and compared notes.  We agree that  it can be challenging  if not frustrating to find places where pets are welcome.  Camping was fine but it was April and it was snowing in some areas…, so Cosmo spent some nights in motels and even hotels that said they were pet friendly but many times Cosmo preferred the back seat of our station wagon.

Cosmo on Family Vacation

For many of us, a kennel is a good option (the APPA estimates $274 million is spent annually on dogs: $166 million on cats in the USA)…but more than the money, it’s wanting the family all to be together…and have fun on vacation.

Lately, on Cape Breton, we’ve had a variety of guests bringing their dogs for their stay in chalets, guesthouse, pet-friendly lodge rooms; even in a .yurt or tipi as well as  camping area–including honeymooners, families, empty-nesters, single women or men with their dogs…

When we were on the road, what we liked best is to find a place (as what we offer at Cabot Shores), where our dog  Cosmo can go in and out, with us without disturbing guests who aren’t into dogs…a  place where we could do what we like to do:  hike,, canoe and kayak, explore beaches and even go on a whale watching tour…These are some of the “pet friendly” adventures you’ll find on Cape Breton Island.


Even Stand Up Paddling (Yolo Boarding)

Dogs are good company on your vacation.  And we’re finding that about 35% of guests staying in our chalets and farmhouse come with their dogs.

The call for pet-friendly lodging and adventures is on the rise on Cape Breton Island.

Write below your experience with your pets while on vacation–at Cabot Shores on Cape Breton or elsewhere.

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