Moose Viewing All Seasons at Cabot Shores along the Cabot Trail

Many guests to Cape Breton say they’d really like to see a moose.
In the same sentence, they ask: is it safe?  And except for rutting season and running into one along the road while you’re driving, the moose are quite safe and tend to disappear or blend into the bush.

Seeing A Moose On The  Shores of Church Pond


A few days ago, I was paddling a kayak in Church Pond with my dog Cosmo, going into an inlet and kind of daydreaming. Suddenly Cosmo started barking,  and jumped into the water, swimming toward shore.  I looked up and saw a big cow moose standing on the edge.  Her question: “I came for water, what ARE you doing here?

Well, Cosmo was swimming towards her and I was worried he’d make it to shore and the moose would stand her ground and give him a good stomping.  Well, things didn’t go that far.  She stood for a moment, turned around and disappeared.

Along The Cabot Trail

Young Moose Along The Cabot Trail


A week earlier, a guest named Julia, from California, went out on the Cabot Trail for an early morning run.  She saw the Mama and baby crossing the Trail.  Above you see them on the other side.  Here’s where they started.


Julia’s Two Moose

Other times, they are right on our property, often going below the lodge and crossing the Church Pond over to a beaver dam.  One guest took named Susan from Delaware took these photos of moose crossing Church Pond from the Red Chalet….



Moose Just Below Chalets
Must Just Below Chalets



Moose Below Whiff’s Lodge