Mairi Rankin and Ward Macdonald Fiddle Workshop at Cabot Shores

Mairi Rankin and Ward MacDonald are leading a workshop from 9am to 12pm on Wednesday, October 11th at Cabot Shores.

Young, talented fiddlers are here from Saskatchewan to participate in Celtic Colours jams and concerts.  They are staying at Cabot Shores and the Breton Cove Farmhouse, will be practicing and studying each morning with a roster of outstanding instructors.

The format is for fairly advanced fiddlers of any age who are able interested in this instruction, with a focus on playing by ear and jamming.  There will be a 60 minute lesson, a 30 minute dancing break, a second lesson and a music jam.  Spectators are welcome.  We are registering up to 8 fiddlers in addition to the Saskatchewan group.   The event is sponsored by Kitchen Party Music and the Good Health Festival Society.

You can register yourself or others for the Workshop by calling Cabot Shores at 902 929 2584 or booking online.  The fee is $60 for the Workshop

Spectators can attend for $15 and can register by calling Cabot Shores at 902 929 2584 or booking online.

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