John Ianetti Honoured on 90th by Prime Minister, Buchanan and Friends

Have you seen John Ianetti at Cabot Shores?   If you have a good story of how you got to Cape Breton, he is likely to say with a smile:  “God love you”.

He is a man with a penetrating gaze, and an abiding interest in meeting people and sharing his love for Cape Breton.

The Ianetti’s came from Tuscany, Italy and this month John Iannetti is 90.   His father introduced sheep to Cape

Breton, even grazing in as isolated spot as The Bird Islands…which you can see from the Lodge. His Dad entertained Al Capone with poker in Sydney Mines.  Not sure he lived that long after that since he called Capone a cheat. Fortunately, he lived on because Capone didn’t return to Cape Breton after that.

Certificates were presented to Johnny by Prime Minister John

–one Steven Harper Prime Minister of Canada

–Jeff Regan repressentative of Halifax

–Mayor of Sydney

–letter from Governor General–only one for someone under


–from the lieutenant Governor

–Premier of of Nova Scotia, Darren Dexter…

and of course from ex Premier John Buchanan who delivered all the certificates and presented them to Johnny at the party.