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Have you ever gone on holiday to relax and found yourself even more wound up than when you left home? You’re not alone. This is why our guests can enjoy a variety of Wellness and Healing Arts options. Individual & group acupuncture, morning meditation, Qi Gong, infrared sauna, Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs and therapeutic massages are just some of the ways we can help you unwind and rejuvenate.

Qi Gong & Meditation


Based on Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong is a series of gentle exercises that aid in the movement of human life energy, also called Qi. The aim of these exercises is to limber up the joints, open up the breathing, focus the mind, stimulate circulation and increase a sense of well-being.

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps to let go of habitual thinking. In the gaps between thoughts a sense of awareness naturally develops that allows for a fuller and richer experience of one’s mind. During these brief morning sessions you will be guided through mindfulness and awareness meditation practice. The sessions are open to beginners as well as more advanced students. A great way to start the day!

We offer complimentary 30 minute Qi Gong and Meditation sessions most mornings at 9:30am. Please reserve your spot with the front desk staff on the evening before.

Infrared Sauna


The Infrared Sauna filters out UV radiation and only gives you the infrared, which raises your metabolism causing you to sweat which releases toxins as well as muscle tension. The higher body temperature helps lower blood pressure and increases blood circulation. We recommend using it for about 30 minutes.

Please let our staff at front desk know that you are interested in renting the sauna and they’ll have it ready for you when requested. We need at least an hour advance notice.



No matter what the weather is like, our tubs help you relax in perfectly hot water. Enjoy watching the stars in your private Japanese cedar soaking tub or traditional soft hot tub. Please advise Cabot Shores at least 24h before your arrival if you wish to reserve a hot tub or book one directly online.



During a Gate of Life Acupressure session you can enjoy both Zero Balancing (passive stretching) and Acupressure (manual pressure on acupuncture points instead of use of needles). This process releases healing forces within your body to relieve pain and tension and help you sleep better.

Please book your appointment with the front desk staff.

Five Element Acupuncture


Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient form of acupuncture that works by treating a person at the levels of body, mind, and heart or spirit. By placing very fine, sterile needles into points in different parts of the body, a person’s Qi, or life-force energy, is stimulated and encouraged to move in its proper fashion, thereby encouraging the healing process. Conditions that respond well to acupuncture include: GI and circulatory disorders, headaches, women’s health issues, allergies, muscle & joint pain, stress-related illnesses, and many others.

Please book your appointment with the front desk staff.

Therapeutic Massage


Massage is an incredible tool which can help ease muscle pain, speed up injury recovery, quiet a busy mind, and much more. Our message therapist offers therapeutic and relaxing treatments, customized to your current needs. She loves providing therapeutic services that enrich and heal the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Please inform Cabot Shores of your interest in receiving a therapeutic massage.

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Wellness Service Inquiries

Interested in wellness services at Cabot Shores, but have a few questions? Call us at 1-866-929-2584 or fill out the form below.

"Perfect for Healing the Soul"

Barb's Qi-gong sessions in the morning were fantastic, and her acupuncture treatments at the healing arts Center were just what I needed. This place is not a destination, but rather an experience.

~Trip Advisor member , Charlottetown

Group Acupuncture

"With Barbara, I received sessions of acupuncture in the group setting that focused on obsessive behavior. During the second session, I had a revelation that will change my thinking about my eating habits forever."

~ DM, mother and massage therapist

"Treated Like a Queen"

Wake up in the morning to a stunning sunrise. Join the meditation, or sign up for acupuncture. The private hot tub was the next beautiful thing in the evening just before settling down. I will go there again that's for sure.

~Evav, New Rose

"Relax and Unplug"

We had the pleasure of experiencing acupuncture from Barbara and we highly recommend her services. She was so helpful in explaining the process. We took our time walking around the property and were taken away by the beautiful landscape. It was the perfect spot to nurture ourselves before we started a busy summer.

~Rae M., Trip Advisor member

Experience Cape Breton in exciting ways.

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