Healing Artist in Residency

Cabot Shores is pleased to be pioneering the first established Healing Artist in Residency program of its kind.   A natural place for all to relax and rejuvenate, this  program allows healing artists  to offer personalized services to our guests.

Each day, our Healing Artist will make a morning offering to guests.  This is usually an experiential activity geared toward reconnecting your body, mind and spirit.  Healing Artists in Residency also offer their specialty services for you to enjoy throughout their stay.  Additionally, many times weekend intensive programs are held for guests to delve more deeply into your “wellness”  experiences, combined with the natural beauty of Cape Breton, outdoor adventure at our Wilderness Resort and access to the Cabot Trail.    Please contact us for more information on  Healing Artists that will be with us, or if you would like to apply for this program.

Meet our first Healing Artist in Residence

Amy near Whiff’s Lodge

Amy McLoughlin joined us in July, 2010, bringing her special skills in therapeutic massage and wellness to Cabot Shores.  At home, Amy  specializes in deep Swedish therapeutic massage in a private practice as well as elder care massage.

Amy’s Morning Offering was designed to help you make friends with your body, beginning your day as a way of grounding and appreciating yourself.  Through this process, you are able to spend the rest of the day fully immersed in the Cabot Shores’ experience, enabled by the body that supports you.



WAKING UP! ~ A exhilarating movement experience that begins as a microcosm with room to grow & blossom.

COMING TO TERMS ~ This activity allows the opportunity to identify internal emotions, where they’re being held in your body & provides an opportunity to release them.


SOOTHE YOUR SENSES ~ A hectic life can stun our senses and inhibit our experience of the wonders around us.  Trust your body, trust your senses and open up to the everyday gifts your body gives you.

SETTLING INTO YOUR BODY~ Your honest interpretation of the thoughts regarding your body allows you the opportunity to go within.  Come away clearer, lighter and with a new friend and ally–you!