Halifax Chronicle Herald Article on Cabot Shores

Bruce Erskine called yesterday from the Halifax Chronicle Herald, where he covers the Nova Scotia business scene.  He wanted my to get my reaction:    Cabot Shores  being rated one of the top 3 lodgings in Nova Scotia by USA Today Travel…

It was a good way to start the New Year, seeing Cabot Shores in the business section  of Nova Scotia’s largest newspaper

and  getting calls for interviews from Cape Breton radio stations…

Late this morning, Barbara was about to demonstrate Shambhala meditation at a “Senior’s Lunch” in

St. Ann’s and before she could get started people were coming up to us and saying they’d cut out the article so I could have it my

greedy little hands, rather than looking at it online.

I found it hard to meditate after that …my mind kept wondering…

it was a toss up between my stomach growling at the smells of lunch and the novelty of getting so much PR right at the

beginning of 2012.

The journalist Bruce Erskine got it right, we really were surprised and delighted that Cabot Shores (and Cape Breton)

is getting such favorable attention.

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