Good Morning, Cape Breton Island on ABC

Who is coming we always ask at Cabot Shores?  And then we ask just as quickly, who’s here?

Well, a lot more folks will be coming and Angelo Spinazzola, of sea kayaking fame, is here at the lodge and telling
me that about 7 million more eyeballs are focused on Cape Breton Island now.


Well, Cape Breton Island just got discovered–again.   On TV.  ABC did a special profile of Cape Breton Island with cameo appearances by Angelo (he was modest and I didn’t know he was there till I saw him on You Tube) and Natalie MacMaster, the Fiddler who’s coming back for Celtic Colours to play her fiddle was there too.

View video here. 

Hope you make it to Cape Breton this fall and or join us for the Thanksgiving Harvest and for some hikes and music and fall foliage.

Get here before the others

You already knew about Cape Breton and we’re glad you do.

Will Cape Breton change with all the publicity?   I hope not, but you can never tell with TV.  Let me know what you think when you’ve said your own  “Good Morning, To Cape Breton..”.