Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia and Cabot Shores Team Up On Good Health Festival

A Good Health Festival will be held at Cabot Shores, from July 8-10th, to raise money for a fall retreat for Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia.

Pre Festival  Benefit Events @Cabot Shores

First pre-festival event was “Wake Up Spring” concert with Harv Bate playing Irish music.

A series of events leading up to the Festival will be held at Cabot Shores, with the

next being on June 10th–June 12 Getaway Weekend  (call 902 929 2584 and check website for more details)

A Lobster Supper and  Concert Party on Saturday, June llth  (call 902 929 2584 for more details)

Support Letter from BCANS Nova Scotia

Below is a letter describing the Festival by Barb Thompson, Executive Director of “BCANS”:


Mill Cove Plaza
967 Bedford Highway, Suite 205
Bedford, NS B4A 1A9March 23, 2011
Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia is thrilled that Cabot Shores is planning a Good Health Festival fundraiser for our organization the weekend of July 8-10.  Monies from the fundraiser will help with hosting an adventure and empowerment retreat for women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Cabot Shores has been in association with BCANS for many years as a sponsor for our annual gala and we look forward to working with Dr. Paul and Barbara Weinberg on this exciting endeavour.
Currently, a breast cancer retreat is held annually in Tatamagouche at the Tim Horton’s Camp.  Many Cape Breton women are not able to attend the retreat because of the distance and miss out on such a wonderful healing experience.  Cape Breton has a high incidence rate of breast cancer and having a retreat on the island would provide many with the opportunity to heal through networking with other survivors, feeling empowered  through nature adventures, learning stress release practices, and in general, helping them move from patient to survivor to thrive on their health journey.
If you have any questions, please contact me at (902) 465-2685.
Best regards,Barbara Thompson
Executive Director
Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia