Geocaching Along Indian Brook, Cape Breton

Treasures Along The Trail

A geocacher calling himself “TooColdInCanada” heard about the Indian Brook Falls Trail and suggested we do the hike and add geocaches along the way.

So we headed off one December morning, with his two sons and a guest from Germany–for an early winter wilderness hike.  Called by geocacher,  Ian,

the Cabot Shores’ Adventure Trail”.  Complete with an ammo can, trackable coins,  and some other surprises in the 7 caches placed near the Trail…

Indian Brook Trail–Number l Son at First Falls

Placing the Treasures at least 500 feet apart was easy, the challenge was crossing some of the creeks, including just below these first falls…

But they were a brave bunch and the Caches were duly put in place, creeks fjorded and now you’ll be reading all kinds of feedback of cachers

discovering their bounty and just as excited about the Trail itself.  Stay tuned for 4 seasons hiking and geocaching.

Geocache Hike Along Indian Brook

And check out our article.  See Indian Brook Great Falls, and other favorite waterfalls along the Cabot Trail, during all seasons.

4 thoughts on “Geocaching Along Indian Brook, Cape Breton”

  1. re: Cabot Shores Adventure Trail: First to find

    Found today while hiking with Nytmaremuise. What a great finish to the series. Nice view, nice hike and a GC for the first to find. We will be back soon to eat! Dropped a cachekinz to entice people to come. Hope it works the falls are spectacular! TFTH!

  2. ieatcrayons found Cabot Shores Adventure Trail (FINAL) (Traditional Cache) at 12/19/2010

    Log Date: 12/19/2010
    Great hike. Some of the hills very tricky with the snow.
    Really isn’t any kind of trail at all though. More like a giant version of connect-the-dots. Big kudos to whoever put the flagging tape up it was very much appreciated.
    Was a little worried about the creek crossing but it was a non-issue. Hop on a few stones; nothing to write home about. Actually lugged a pair of chest waders the whole way in my backpack. A waste.
    Was tempted to try for the Death March cache but it gets dark early in here, and I had my old and feeble mother with me, who was just about ready to collapse. By the way, Bean, you’ve joined the club of people she hates 🙂
    Forgot to reset odometer before leaving car so reset here. Upon arrival at car, only showed 2.64 km but I suspect something isn’t right – this seemed much farther. Headed in around 11:30ish got back to car around 3.
    Took cachekinz left geocoin and two travel bugs.
    This was a great series thanks

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