“For Your Entertaiment” at Indian Brook Firehall

Last night,  a large crowd gathered at Indian Brook firehall to learn about wellness and cultural activities offered by members of this vibrant community.  As it turns out, it was also an opportunity to begin celebrating the Community Spirit Award that the St.Ann’s Bay community recently received.

Presented by Carol Kennedy and Nia, the audience was invited to learn about, and in some cases, participate in activities that ranged from Nia, Tai Chi, Yoga (including Laughing Yoga) to Step Dancing, Zumba, Qi Gong and Stepdancing.  As one octogenarian put it: [ doing the Qi Gong] “made me feel SO GOOD!”

Ashley MacInnes talked about the activities of the Youth Group; a call for new Saturday Morning walks went out; and  the  “I love Japan” buttons fundraiser received a boost —  all in the great spirit of this vibrant community.

Many people expressed delight in how the event pulled everyone together.  One participant extressed it in this way: “Without hesitation I can say that the series of chats and activities and demonstrations were a delight. So… thank you to all for your demonstrations.”

Makes me glad to be living in this community…it’s a fertile ground also for the upcoming Good Health Festival fundraising Event in early July – more information to come.