Film “Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton” ( Cabot Shores Home Base for Filmmakers)

Did the Chinese actually explore Cape Breton before John Cabot & the Europeans?

A documentary film crew stayed 4x at Cabot Shores over the last 3 years
and now the film “Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton” is shown often on the history channel.  The one hour documentary was replayed most recently on March 29th.   (Best scheduling is followed on history.ca.)


In the film you’ll see the helicopter take off from Cabot Shores–and land along a path leading to our apple orchard. The film helicopter then heads over Church Pond to Kelly’s Mt. and Cape Dauphin. Some of you have been near there when you hiked with us to Glooscap Cave.

You can read more in earlier blog entries about author Paul Chiasson and the crew from Ellis Entertainment in Toronto, before they arrived and after where you’ll see the  aerial shot , similar to those shots in the documentary. There is an earlier posting with background and you can see the trailer to the documentary as well.
Go to see the documentary trailer if interested and see if you catch Cabot Shores and do you believe in that majestic settlement appearing and reappearing in the clip?

From history.ca, here’s an image based on Chiasson’s theory:


4 thoughts on “Film “Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton” ( Cabot Shores Home Base for Filmmakers)”

  1. I saw a story about this on the History channel. It seemed possible to me.
    I also saw something about a lady archaeologist who was using satellite technology images to locate ancient settlements in the Middle East — only possible to locate from space. Why not use this lady’s skills to determine whether there was or wasn’t a Ming settlement on Kelly’s Mountain that pre-dates Columbus?
    Sorry I don’t remember her name.

  2. Dear Readers:
    There is a lot of unwritten history about ancient North America. As a native aboriginal 1st Nation person I am as in the dark as any modern day person about origins of society and civilization in pre-historic Canada. All I know is I’m here and my people had to survive to get me here. I am told a story in Pelican Narrows that is 285 years old about a battle with some unknown ancient foe from the prairies which our warriors vanquished. The rock paintings in the Pelican Narrows and Sandy Bay area are two thousand years old. They show animals and totems that were considered spirit powers of the time the thunderbirds. That is all that is recorded on rock. Stories of giants, a flood story, a creation of the world according to legends have been passed down through the ages. How long ago were the legends created is only to be guessed at. There are ancient campfires that can date by carbon dating methods. An atlatl was found in my area carbon dated at 10,000 years old. Just after the last ice age had moved on. The camp sites before the ice ages must have been ground up by the glaciers. And so we have history dug up only since the last ice age but Indian aboriginal folks were here a long long time. When and how they got here is a mystery. Siberia? Ocean? Spaceships? Who knows?

  3. There are three reasons the Americans will not accept the idea that Chinese may have discovered North America before Cabot and Columbus.
    1. The history books will have to be re-written

    2 They did not make the discovery

    3. I will not say it, but I think we all know why.

  4. These landmarks sre all xreated by 20th century industry and firefighting..all recorded in official records Kelly Mntn was studied and excavated for s possible quarry in 89 and firefighters dozed a fire rosd here during s fire..Also each do called courtyard slso hss a plastic pipe at the ctr to monitor water levrls..Sheer idiocy

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