Cycling in Cape Breton


There are many ways to see the spectacular views of the Cabot Shores, and cycling is a popular one. Seacoast mountains, untouched waters, ocean breezes, and wildlife provide a natural hybrid alongside the Island’s unique culture and local experience.

Now that Spring has sprung, cyclists far and wide are planning their Cabot Trail excursions, and its always a treat having some of them break with us at Cabot Shores. Our surrounding areas and communities are providers of peak experiences– Englishtown, St. Anne’s Bay, Ingonish and beyond are great routes for cyclists. In the 51km ride from Englishtown to Ingonish, cyclists will revel in the spectacular Cape Breton Highlands and take a real climb at Cape Smokey Mountain. (Be prepared for swooping hills!)  From Ingonish to Cape North (51km), its sifting through the twisted shortline and catching the wildlife as you go– the whales at Bay St. Lawrence can often be spotted without stopping. From Cheticamp to Inverness is the Ceilidh Trail, located along the shore of the Gulf.

Just a few tidbits, courtesy of the Cape Breton Cycle Tour, who provides group adventure tours through the coasts of the island. And as for the motorcyclists, Cape Breton BikeFest tours the best of the best from July 29-August 1.


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