Coloradan sees her first Moose while snowshoeing!

(Yes, as of early May, there is still a bit of snow on Cape Breton, especially in the Highlands)

My second day here at Cabot Shores, Nova Scotia; Dr. Paul took me on a snowshoe hike up the Indian Brook Falls North trail so that I could get a better sense of the area. It was a gorgeous day out, about 20 F and sunny, I am still completely elated as to how this journey to Canada came to be, luckily without any guests I have been able to slowly take in my new environment.  Far away from my safe town Boulder, Colorado where I have phone service, yoga studios and natural grocers every couple of miles.1098479_10154082812690593_4622891296105934175_n

I looked out on the landscape seeing where the sun sparkling snow met the ocean; a truly magnificent sight.  For here I was in a unique and truly cozy town completely surrounded by wilderness, and forests stretching on for miles. I then remembered how absolutely free my spirit felt being immersed by mother nature, completely surrounded by her grace.  This is  a space most people couldn’t, or wouldn’t take a large chunk of time off to just un-plug and be away from their high-stress lives, for fear of missing out on the daily-grind. Taking a retreat at Cabot Shores, even just for a few days will help recharge your life.tracks 18-3-14

Dr. Paul then started pointing out Moose tracks in the snow, to my untrained eyes just looked like people’s snowshoes falling through the snow (shown to the right). As we continued walking we began to see more tracks, and also scat; I then looked up the next hill where it was thinned out and saw three huge black blobs. I pointed them out to Paul asking if they were Moose and he said they were!

Come see for yourself what magic can unfold for you while staying here!herd 18-3-14