Caving in Cape Breton: Glooscap and Cape Dauphin

EDIT: Please note this is a guided hike. It is typically offered once per month.


The Glooscap Cave is a fantastic Cape Breton excursion that takes explorers through both a land and water sites. The sea-cave, also referred to as “The Fairy Hole”, holds roots with the local Mi’Kmaq culture. The story says that a hero named Glooscap was sent from the Great Spirit to protect his people, the Mi’Kmaqs. Residing at Cape Dauphin, one day he was faced with 2 native women standing in the water, who began to taunt him. Angry, Glooscap leapt from his canoe, breaking it into two pieces. These pieces are still visible from the cove today, they are known as the Bird Islands. Glooscap is said to have turned the two women into stone– they are said to be the stone pillars, which guard Glooscap’s Cave.

The cave can be reached by hiking the easternmost tip of Cape Dauphin. Once the 2.5km hike is complete, hikers can follow the creek down to the shore to the beach for a swim or picnic. Right of the beach, Glooscap’s Cave is within site. Enter through the lagoon and explore at low tide!  Above our photos from one of our Glooscap explorations last summer– an ambitious but rewarding adventure with beautiful views.


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