Circumambulating the Bay of Fundy

Late this past October Paul and Barbara took some time to make their way around (and across) the Bay of Fundy. We had previously explored the Minas Basin part of the Bay hiking such places as Economy Point and Cape Chignecto, as well as Blomidon and Cape Split (a favourite), but hadn’t seen any of …

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Gaspesie Peninsula

From Cabot Shores to Gaspesie Peninsula, Quebec

After a terrific summer season at Cabot Shores, thanks to exceptional guests and  staff, Dr. Paul and Barbara managed to slip away from Cabot Shores to Gaspesie, Quebec during the first week in September.   It was an unexpected trip – all the more welcome. Deciding on a road trip we set out toward New Brunswick …

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A long way from Cape Breton and Cabot Shores, we recommend exploring Canyons of eastern Utah and western Colorado

A Long Way from Cape Breton, exploring Canyons of eastern Utah and western Colorado Last e-letter, Dr. Paul and Barbara were absent because they and family (daughter Ruby and son Louis) were hiking in Colorado and Utah–truly   fantastic landscapes–very dry and offering a different kind of magical, nature connection than Cape Breton, where the …

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Studying at Gampo Abbey

In March, Paul and Barbara were fortunate to be invited to take part in Shedra, or monastic college, at Gampo Abbey. For two weeks we traveled to Gampo Abbey several times a week. The journey itself, a drive on the Cabot Trail through the Cape Breton Highland National Park in winter is spectacular.

More than once, we observed a moose (the same one, we believe) in almost the same location, calmly chewing and regarding us with interest.
Gampo Abbey, North America’s only Tibetan monastery for Western students, is located off the Cabot Trail, high above the Gulf of St.Lawrence.

Under the […]

Cape Breton to Switzerland & Back Again (A Change of Place Energizes)

Take a break from your routine…change your place of adventure…meet exciting people, young and old, along the way…that’s what we’re saying to our guests, so in April we took our own advice…
To have Adventure A Day (not in Cape Breton) but in Switzerland.
Time for a family reunion with the added blessing of Alijah’s birth to nephew Alexi and Porsha…hiking in the Alps with Nico, builder of the wood-fired pizza oven and even a meeting with a beekeeper high in the Tessin mountains near Spruga…with waterfalls galore (that and good food making Dr. Paul very happy…) and with the sound of […]

Celebrating Our 7th Year In Business

As a doctor in Psychology, a teacher and a businessman, Dr. Paul and his wife, Barbara, “B”, a nurse and acupuncturist, have created Cabot Shores as a place for rest and renewal along life’s journey.  Founded in 2004,  Cabot Shores is now celebrating 7 years as a destination along the Cabot Trail.
Barbara is getting more involved as director of Gate of Life Healing Arts and turning our Bistro into a popular stop not only for guests, but for locals and for other travelers along the trail.  And, Paul,  a doctor of psychology, now focuses more on being a doctor […]