Review of The Cabot Trail Writer’s Festival–Excellent!

With the kind of anticipatory excitement that builds gradually and cannot easily be quelled, this past Saturday morning I made the short drive from Indian Brook to North River for the 3rd Annual Cabot Trail Writer’s Festival, held at the community hall next to Shape Shift Pottery.  I have only been to a handful of …

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John Ianetti Honoured on 90th by Prime Minister, Buchanan and Friends

Have you seen John Ianetti at Cabot Shores?   If you have a good story of how you got to Cape Breton, he is likely to say with a smile:  “God love you”. He is a man with a penetrating gaze, and an abiding interest in meeting people and sharing his love for Cape Breton. The Ianetti’s came …

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75th Anniversary of Cape Breton Highlands Park

2011 is the 75th Anniversary of the Cape Highlands Park.
Hikers can honor the Park and the anniverary by hiking 75 km on
park trails between May and July, 2011.  By doing so, you can
receive a 75th birthday commemorative prize from the park.
Have at it.
Hiking trails and exhibits are now open.  The park has amazingly
well kept trails, interesting wildlife and is home to the Cabot Trail
which winds through it.
At Cabot Shores we have maps of the Cape Breton Highlands Park
and can make recommendations based on your interest and hiking
appetites.  Our Indian Brook and French river trails are also part of
the Highlands, but […]

“For Your Entertaiment” at Indian Brook Firehall

Last night,  a large crowd gathered at Indian Brook firehall to learn about wellness and cultural activities offered by members of this vibrant community.  As it turns out, it was also an opportunity to begin celebrating the Community Spirit Award that the St.Ann’s Bay community recently received. Presented by Carol Kennedy and Nia, the audience …

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St. Ann’s Bay Nabs Community Spirit Award

  You’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and in this case, its to the community of St. Ann’s Bay. The town was awarded with the 2011 Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award last week, and the honor couldn’t be better placed. Cabot Shores has neighbored this shoreline town since our grand opening in …

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Louisbourg on Cape Breton (A Fortress & More)

Louisbourg is a rich contributor to the culture and appeal of Cape Breton Island. A coastal community of just over a thousand residents, Louisbourg provides “Old World” emphasis, primarily through the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, the village’s driving economic force.
The site is a partial reconstruction of an 18th century French Fortress, which began construction in 1798, and became the French’s main commercial centre in the Maritimes, and a place of community. The fortress was subjected to multiple takeovers by the British, who dominated much of the maritime territory at the time. In the 1960s, the fortress was appropriated […]