Huffing and Puffin’: Bird Island and Puffin Tours

I’ve been asking myself how puffin’s have the time to do such intricate beak-art and unique eye-liner—I mean, to be able to perfect that kind of art while floating in an unforgiving and constantly moving ocean is impressive and a skill many of us humans would love to acquire. In all seriousness, the puffins have arrived …

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Yolo Boards; la joie d’être sur l’eau

[slickr-flickr tag=”yolo” type=”galleria” size=”m640″] You Only Live Once (Vous ne vivez qu’une seule fois). Maintenant, vous savez ce que ”YOLO” signifie. Né dans les années 1960 à Hawaii, ce sport a vite été oublié par la suite. Cependant, il est revenu en force lors d’une compétition en 2004, toujours à Hawaii. Depuis, ce sport ne …

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Puffins Brighten A Grey Day For Marathon Runners

Seeking respite after running the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax ten guests from Hamilton Ontario stayed the weekend in the chalets at Cabot Shores. It was a time for relaxation and recuperation whilst enjoying the hospitality offered by Paul and Barbara. The lounge & dining area in the great room in the Lodge gave everyone a …

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Right Whales Sighted Off Bay Saint Lawrence, Cape Breton

“Been fishing over 30 years and this is the first Right Whale I”ve seen,” said Captain Cyril Fraser
of Oshan Whale Watch,  which is based in the village of  Bay St. Lawrence, Cape Breton.  A fifth generation fisherman, Cyril mostly sees Pilot and Minke whales and dolphins.
“The Right Whales are around 50 tons, compared to the Minkes and Pilots   which are more like 5 tons.”
One of our guests from Ontario, Tullio d’Angelo, provided us with a the snapshot  of the Right Whale taken off while with Captain Cyril.

             Photo by Tullio d’Angelo

According to wikipedia, the Right whales making […]