Cape Breton to Switzerland & Back Again (A Change of Place Energizes)

Take a break from your routine…change your place of adventure…meet exciting people, young and old, along the way…that’s what we’re saying to our guests, so in April we took our own advice…

To have An Adventure A Day (not in Cape Breton) but in Switzerland.

Time for a family reunion with the added blessing of Alijah’s birth to nephew Alexi and Porsha…hiking in the Alps with Nico, builder of the wood-fired pizza oven and even a meeting with a beekeeper high in the Tessin mountains near Spruga…with waterfalls galore (that and good food making Dr. Paul very happy…) and with the sound of water dripping down ancient rocks and the craftsmanship of stone houses and walls fascinating Barbara.

Stone Roofs & Walls

Waterfalls feeding Waterfalls


So you already may have some kinds of plans for the months ahead, but I encourage you to enjoy a change of place.  And we’re finding, early in the season, folks coming all the way to Cape Breton from Australia, China, Germany, France, British Columbia and even Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with family and often in couples and solo…all bringing with them the energy of changing place, of discovery, of sharing the gifts of travel and adventure.

Welcome to the spirit of Cabot Shores, a spirit of an adventure a day wherever you are…