Cape Breton Post Article on Charley Boorman

Laura Jean Grant wrote an article on Charley Boorman and lobster fishing adventures

in the Cape Breton Post.   It was great being on the boat with Charley and the Extreme

Frontier’s crew and the the MacInnis lobster fishing crew…and afterwards eating lobster and

plank salmon cooked here over a fire by chef Carl Nemeth.


Here is Charley clearing the table in the lodge.

Charley Boorman bussing tables at Cabot Shores


And here is the article in the capebretonpost.com by Laura Jean Grant…


Extreme Frontiers Canada visits Cape Breton

Published on June 17, 2011
Laura Jean Grant
INDIAN BROOK — Lobster fishing off Cape Breton will be featured in an upcoming Extreme Frontiers Canada television series.
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British actor and travel adventurer Charley Boorman, well-known for his series’ “Long Way Round” and “Long Way Down,” began a cross-Canada challenge, by motorbike last week, with the results to be documented in the Extreme Frontiers Canada series. Day five of that challenge took him to Cape Breton in time to set off from Little River for a day of lobster fishing with fisherman Merrill MacInnis, and his crew which includes daughters Amy and Jenessa.

“I had a lovely day lobster potting,” said Boorman, when reached by phone earlier this week at Cabot Shores wilderness resort, shortly after returning from fishing. “I have tremendous respect for (them). It’s a real tough job. It’s a great little team they have there.”

Boorman said it was exciting to be on hand for one of the crew’s biggest catches of the season.

Boorman, director Russ Malkin, and a couple of cameramen are spending several weeks in Canada to film footage for the series. Their planned adventures include participating in a dirt bike race in New Brunswick, wreck diving in Fathom Five National Marine Park, visiting prohibition tunnels in Regina, riding a bull in a rodeo, rock climbing, mountain biking and kayaking.

Extreme Frontiers Canada is set to air next year on Channel 5 in Britain, and show officials are also in talks with a couple of TV stations in Canada about airing it here.

For more on Boorman’s adventure visit the Extreme Frontiers Canada website at www.extremefrontiers.co.uk.