Cabot Trail Named One of “World’s 10 Most Beautiful Highways” by FoxNews.com

Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail has a history of high ratings from magazines and other media. National Geographic, Conde Nast, Travel and Leisure, and the Readers’ Digest all have written about the beauty of Cape Breton Island, especially the Cabot Trail.

Now FoxNews.com has named the Cabot Trail one of the “World’s Top 10 Highways“. The article in FoxNews.com goes on to say:  “the Cabot Trail brings travellers through lush green forests that in the fall transform into a breathtaking sea of reds, oranges and yellows as the leaves change colors. Along the route, drivers will come across an abundance of restaurants, museums, galleries as well as hiking and snowmobiling paths”…(read on and find out the other roads named).

But first, there’s a reason why FoxNews.com emphasized fall; it is a very special time on the trail with its foliage and more visible wildlife. Here are a few shots of spots just off the Cabot Trail near Cabot Shores:

Indian Brook

Indian Brook Along The Cabot Trail

Moose At Church Pond/Cabot Shores

Are you curious about what other roads made the list?

  • Milford Road, New Zealand
  • Jebel Haffeet Mountain Road, the United Arab Emirates
  • Overseas Highin, Florida
  • the Atlantic Roadway, Norway
  • Secenic Highway 12, Utah
  • Great Ocean Road, Australia
  • Stelvio Pass, Italy
  • Col de Turini, France
  • Ruta 40, Argentina