Cabot Trail Hiking Is Key To CBC Coverage of Tourism Conference

Cabot Trail tourism area
Cabot Trail hiking opportunities

CBC Coverage on Conference

I was recently reminded of the continuing joy of Cabot Trail Hiking on Cape Breton. This was during an interview with CBC reporter Holly Connors, when we spoke about a Tourism Conference I recently attended. The conference highlighted the challenges and opportunities of offering Cape Breton tourism experiences to a world-wide audience.  A link to the article (and later the audio transcript) is provided at the end of this entry.

Adventurous Lodging at The Edge of the Atlantic

CBC Information Morning previously interviewed us about our yurts, domes and tree-houses. They each can provide a home base for hiking and exploring Cape Breton.  We originally started with a Newfoundland-made yurt, and have since added colorful hand-crafted Mongolian yurts.  Last year Holly interviewed us as we built a tree-top village, which includes the Apple dome and the Lunadome.


Treetop Village in Cabot Shores' Orchard
Apple Dome & LunaDome

These tree-houses look out over an apple orchard, St. Ann’s Bay and the Bird Islands.  Its views invite you to take a walk along the beach, or up the Indian Brook to the Great Falls and the Indian Brook Wilderness.

Cabot Shores View of Bird Islands, Atlantic & Kelly's Mountain
Cabot Shores’ View of Bird Islands & Kelly’s Mountain

Cabot Trail hiking to Indian Brook Falls

The Indian Brook Wilderness is a designated  protected area. Each area offers an opportunity for hiking into secluded wilderness ares. You feel only the moose walking their paths and eagles flying overhead.

One favorite is the hike to the Great Falls of Indian Brook, just off the Cabot Trail, near Cabot Shores.

Indian Brook Falls for nearby Cabot Trail hiking
Indian Brook Great Falls

The Seawall Trail

At the conference,  Dave Williams described a plan for development of a “Seawall Trail”. It will be located from the  Meat Cove to Pleasant Bay wilderness.  It will be a 3 to 5 day hike  in one of the most scenic (if isolated) areas of Cape Breton.  The trail is not built yet, but offers great promise for folks loving to hike in unspoiled areas.


Future Seawall Trail for off the Cabot Trail hiking
Proposed Seawall Trail


The Cape Breton Coast
The Rugged Cape Breton northern coast


The combination of sea, hillside and forest trails offers great opportunity for enjoying world-class hiking on Cape Breton Island.

(Dr. Paul’s role in the Cabot Trail Solutions Conference  is described by Holly Connors in this CBC article.  More is available in another CBC article on the Seawall Trail  and on the Seawall Trail website)