Scenic Cabot Trail Cycling Adventures

Nova Scotia’s 298-kilometre Cabot Trail remains one of the world’s most beloved (and toured) cycling trails. There’s no better way to survey Cape Breton Island’s rolling hills than atop a bicycle. Every summer, hundreds of cyclists drive through the heart of Nova Scotia en route to Cabot Shores, an idyllic Cabot Trail cycling basecamp. Cabot Shores’ passion for wellness, community, and organic living resonates with cyclists, particularly those who cannot resist the Trail’s call.

At a Glance: Cabot Trail Cycling Excursions

It’s worth noting that only experienced riders should embark on a week-long Cabot Trail cycling expedition. Thus, we often recommend breaking the Trail into chunks to novice cyclists. Luckily, Cabot Shores rests between Baddeck and Igonish Beach, a particularly hilly (and awe-inspiring) 100-kilometre stretch of road. First-time visitors shouldn’t shy away from out-and-back expeditions, or, perhaps, a short drive to a particular part of Cape Breton Highlands National Park that you wish to explore further.

The Scenery / The Terrain

Photo of a Cyclist on the Cabot Trail Cycling Loop.

Cabot Trail masterfully loops around Cape Breton Island, providing a diverse array of seascapes, hilly terrains, sprawling overlooks, and fishing villages. The meticulously-paved loop was practically constructed to oblige multi-day Cabot Trail cycling adventures. Cyclists will enjoy views of piney hills, leisurely sailboats, rocky cliff lines, sandy isles, tall lighthouses, and babbling creeks. This short, albeit enlightening, video showcases the route’s many winding switchbacks, wavy beaches, and vast ocean lookouts. Small, picturesque villages dot the ocean’s edge, so finding a quick bite, refreshing pint, or “refuelling station” is as simple as pie.

It’s recommended that riders only attempt to tame this beast from early June through early October. Conditions are too unpredictable during much of spring and late autumn. Although the air temperatures are much cooler in late September and early October, you simply cannot beat those vivid hues of crimson, amber, marigold, and kelly green! 

The Basecamp: Cabot Shores

Photo of a Dome Camp at Cabot Shores on the Cabot Trail Cycling Loop.

Welcome to Cabot Shores, your Cabot Trail cycling basecamp. As stated above, our passions lie in general wellness, organic cuisines, and distinctive lodging. We offer a bevy of diverse Cabot Trail accommodations, including comfy chalets, yurt camping, a tiny house, and treetop domes. When you’re not cycling on Nova Scotia’s prized loop, seek out these complementary activities: Church Pond kayaking, waterfall hunting, and fishing. To save money, book directly at But, first, browse through our various Cape Breton getaway packages.

The six links below provide a glimpse into our award-winning, eco-friendly respite, as well as helpful guides for those who plan to embark on a self-guided Cabot Trail bike tour.