Cabot Shores Newsletter for May

Cabot Shores is still open and the May newsletter from Cabot Shores is bitter sweet with news of the Covid-19 pandemic with a Family Profile In Courage, a snapshot of life at Cabot Shores, a new contest, a special gift certificates offer and , as well as a handy recipe.


Corona Virus Close to Home Yet Far Away ( Profiles in Courage)

Niece of Dr. Paul of Cabot Shores
CoronaVirus Doctor Anna (and niece of Dr. Paul)

Our hearts go out to all people experiencing the suffering around Covid-19

And our gratitude to all who are doing their best to minimize its negative effects  and to help us through this  process from the front lines.  There is courage, compassion and peristent hard work on both sides of the line.

Like Whiff, of “Whiff’s Lodge,” Anna is an anesthesiologist.  While balancing married life with 3 kids at home, she’s spending 99% of her work time seeing patients and offering training in a large city hospital serving two states.     Anna’s team has trained over 150 doctors, nurses and a other  patient care workers on procedures for dealing with Covid-19 using available equipment and techniques.  One tip from Dr. Anna: a big “yes”! to the utility of masks worn wherever social distancing is required.  Personal observations and “studies” confirm

Meanwhile Life  at Cabot Shores

Nature connection is there for us and perhaps enhanced during global pandemics.    The full moon and its tides happen on schedule.  You can see below a night photo.
Moon over Flying Moose Yurt & Cabot Shores
                                               Full Moon over Flying Moose Yurt
And a recent flood was caused by extreme rains matched by snow melt up Indian Brook.  For a while the Flying Moose Yurt looked
Flying Moose Yurt at Cabot Shores
                               The Floating (Flying Moose Yurt)
more like a Floating Moose Yurt.
Mostly we’ve been serving essential workers across healthcare, the power grid, construction, education and even food distribution services.  A  number of folks have done their 14 day self-isolation here, with the ability to go outside and connect with nature and each other, while having meals delivered safely to their lodging.  Slowly other Nova Scotia guests are coming now that they can visit provincial and municipal parks.  A number of local hikes, even on property, are described here.
With social distancing, it is possible now to hike, kayak/canoe/standup paddle,  walk the Eagle Feather beach and even fish in the Atlantic, Church Pond or along Indian Brook.


Cabot Shores at Indian Brook
Indian Brook
Kayak at Cabot Shores
   Kayaking with a Friend

Wish you Could Be here?

But the timing is inconvenient?  Too far to drive?  Border not passable?  So buy  a gift certificate for yourself, for family, for a friend, for a colleauge (you name the amount and we’ll pay the tax on it on orders through May 31st, 2020).  Visit anytime in the next year!

Or Win a Free Stay at Cabot Shores with a Contest

If you’ve stayed here before, send us a photo and or video taken at Cabot Shores.  We will pick 2 winners this Month.

Never stayed stayed here.   Just go to the contest page and we’ll have a drawing on on May 31st.

 Breakfast Recipe for Yogurt & Granola

The Breakfast Bar Buffet has become the breakfast delivery.  Either way, guests love the house made granola,  Here is Barbara’s recipe.

This May Newsletter concludes with best wishes for good health and safety and some fun mixed in,



Barbara, Dr. Paul, Cosmo and Crew at Cabot Shores