Cabot Shores in the National Post: “Camping Without The Roughing-it Edge”

Cabot Shores In the National Post

Camping without the roughing-it edge

               Article by Paul Brent in the National Post July 3, 2012
(Cabot Shores in Good Company in National Post Article)

Journalist Paul Brent of the National Post called about a month ago and said he is doing an article on luxury camping.  He’d seen our website and asked for pictures of Chalets, the Yurt and Tipi.  We had a good chat.

Today the article is online, called “Camping Without The Rough- It Edge”.  Cabot Shores is in great company, with the Clayoquot  Resort of Tofino, B.C, a  remote and beautiful  Wilderness Resort–accessible only by seaplane or boat.

Cabot Shores is not that remote and is not yet  $5000 a day luxurious, but as I  told Paul Brent, some of our guests consider our lodging more of an adventure–with some of the spontaneity and surprises and delights of what I call “comfort at the edge of the wilderness”

One guest from Montreal, a designer of fancy leather coats, loved the wigwams  built with Mi’kmaq friends along Indian Brook.  When I suggested that maybe she’d like to take a night off from her Chalet and spend a night in a wigwam or tent, she said…:

…with a strong French Canadian accent:  “Paul, my dear, you don’t really understand that staying in one of your 4 star Chalets is like camping for me”. ..

And the next day she surprised me (and herself) by seeing two moose swimming across Church Pond…(see if you can make out the early morning swimmers…)

Early Morning Moose Seen from the Chalets
Early Morning Moose Swimming in Church Pond

Or later, from a funky recliner, just below the Chalet:

So it goes…As my Grandma Bess used to say:  “to each his own”.  To which I’d add,  to each his or her “adventure mild to wild”.

Paul Brent writes of Canadian lodging, east to west, that carry the theme of “Camping Without The Rough-It Edge.”  Let us know what you think about  Cabot Shores in the National Post  check out the latest moose on the Cabot Shores our website/blog to see more of our esteemed guests, (human and wild).