59 thoughts on “Cabot Shores’ Guestbook”

  1. “During this trip, we didn’t just find a place to come back to every year, we made friends for life!”

    – Marina Aronova, Rick, Micheal and Irina , Russia

  2. “This land has sacred qualities. What an amazing and heart touching view. Thanks for everything.”

    Barb Thompson—Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

  3. “… found relaxed, warm hospitality, great air, peaceful décor and the scenery that begins to relax one. Thanks for everything.”

    A and M Hedley—Windsor Ontario

  4. “Best time ever – whales, eagles, a friendly moose & fabulous hosts – in November! ”

    Max and June Robertson—Quebec, Canada

  5. “The chalet is beautiful (more than we expected). We were provided everything we needed. The staff were friendly and excellent, the cake and flowers were a wonderful touch making us feel welcome. I would recommend this location to everyone, can’t wait to go home and show pictures. Our anniversary was extra special celebrating here and we look forward to coming back. We would like to spend every anniversary as our 25th”

    Leona and Jim, Sydney, NS

  6. “What a fabulous looking resort you’re making! We were very impressed with the main chalet, the individual chalets, the grounds and location”

    David and Donna, Middle River, NS

  7. “What an amazing experience! This is a great program! I recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors and can stand to be cold for a little bit..”

    Tom, Halifax, NS

  8. “Thanks for a beautiful week-end. I hold the image of the shimmering frozen pond, the trees, the ocean and vast sky in my mind and it brings deep comfort. Hope the work is going well.”

    Allyson, Toronto,ON

  9. “Wonderful food, dancing, fiddling and swimming. It was unique to swim in the ocean and then wash the salt off in the brook!”
    “Enchanting place… still hope to see a moose… yummy food… will be back.”

    -The Wignas, St. Louis, NY

  10. “George Abetti is a ‘Guide’ in this endeavor, someone passionate about building and great at it! He inspired master carpenters and he taught younger ones what it is truly to apprentice to a master builder and a great man”

    Paul Leverett, MA

  11. “I had one of these magic experiences in Cabot Shores when we went up the Indian Brook. We canoed, walked and swam up to these amazing waterfalls. Everything was just right. There were wild strawberries on the banks and great swimming holes, and we even spotted an eagle. It was just beautiful. A real awakening of the senses.”

    Anna, New York, NY

  12. “I absolutely loved my stay at Cabot Shores. The quality and comfort of the cabins are incredible while the facilities provided everything we could need. I was also overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the area. Rich in culture and scenery, Cape Breton is a must-see in the Maritimes. I had a most tranquil and wonderful time.”

    Michael Bell, Ottawa, ON

  13. “I felt a tremendous draw to Cabot Shores due to it’s beautiful location in Cape Breton, with truly outstanding views of the Ocean and Smokey Mountain just a short drive away. I was able to feel a strong sense of comfort in the well-built cabins – it was a thrill to be so close to nature. Continue to keep the natural integrity of the property alive as it is undoubtedly one of the greatest aspects of Cabot Shores.”

    Adrian Molder, Toronto, ON

  14. “I spent a very relaxing weekend in Cabot Shores. I always felt at home and comfortable. There always seemed to be something exciting to do and where better to do it then amidst wonderful people and a backdrop of both mountains and ocean? Thanks so much, I would come back anytime.”

    Katherine Roy, Hamilton, ON

  15. “The atmosphere was very inviting. The hospitality was exceptional and so much appreciated. Thank you for making our vacation so memorable.”

    Sharon Fleming, Halifax NS

  16. “Merci beaucout pour liaccueil formidable. Nous emmenons un merveicux souvenir de votre gentillesse. ”

    Peters Jeans, Luxembourg

  17. “What a wonderful place- whether nature hiking, cruising the Cabot Trail or simply sitting on the porch drinking coffee and clean air- magnificently peaceful vibe! ”

    Courtney Walsh

  18. “Can’t thank you enough for everything! See you in August! ”

    Marni Woloszyn and Nick Keenan, Chicago IL

  19. “Paul what a wonderful place you have. Can’t thank you enough for having me and my family here. I just told the staff and John they are great people. We will always be a part of you all now.”

    Nora Deschaine, Princeton, ME

  20. “Thank you Paul – Cabot for your hospitality and friendship. It was a great experience and really great people to be around with. ”

    Jana Deschaine, Princeton, ME

  21. “A beautiful property you have here. Definitely service with a smile! Thanks so much.”

    Jay and Mindy Squire, Listowel, Ontario

  22. “Had such a great time. I’m so glad that I’m adopted. Thanks! Great place for a weekend with the girls!”

    Beverly Haineil

  23. “Great weekend with my wonderful friends- nice and cozy Chalet- good food. Sheila was great! And Paul too.”

    Linda Sillis