Boating Adventures

Whales off Cabot Shores, Cape BretonIncredible coastal vistas provide the backdrop to the abundant sea life found in the north Atlantic. You never know what may come up ‘out of the blue’! Whales, dolphins, seals, tuna, halibut, the ebb and flow of thousands of mackerel coming with the tides. The sea life is as breathtaking as the scenery.

You get a hint as you cross over on the Englishtown Ferry and join the Atlantic side of Cape Breton.

For wanderers who want to get up close and personal with nature, here is some of what’s waiting for you at Cabot Shores:

Whale Watch Excursions

Captain Cyril Fraser will be your guide to watching Humpbacks, Minkes, maybe a Pilot whale or two play in the ocean. But keep an eye overhead for eagles.

Puffin and Bird Tours

Puffins on Bird Islands, Cabot ShoresStep aboard the Highland Lass and enjoy the 45-minute cruise to the Bird Islands. Be sure to bring binoculars, a good camera, and a sweater (it gets chilly on the water anytime of the year).




Yolo Boards, Kayaks and Canoes

Do you enjoy hopping on a Yolo board (stand-up paddling) or jumping in a kayak or canoe on a whim? Then have at it. Cabot Shores has them all – costs are $37 to $40 for half a day (tax not included). Training is available at no extra cost.

Hooked? We have a package that includes a whale or puffin tour and half a day of canoe, kayak or SUP – find out here how to Make Summer Awesome.