Birders Unite at Cabot Shores: See at least 42 Local Species

Geese on Cabot Shores Beach
                                               Flock of Geese on Cabot Shores’ Beach

Rinchen Boardman is a professional birder. Usually during April, he is doing extensive birding projects in Ontario: he is Programme Coordinator for Thunder Cape Bird Observatory. In June, he then  coordinates projects in eastern Newfoundland.

This year, due to Covid-19, he is enjoying a long term stay on Cape Breton, at Cabot Shores. Daily he walks down to Jersey Cove and Jersey Cove Road. There hehas seen over 40 species that congregate mostly during the April time-frame.   and he hasn’t even spent much time yet in Cape Breton Forests.

Here is a partial list of some birds already observed.

Come and see what birds you can identify on this list and we are ready for you  to add to it.