Becoming a “Green Resort”

No,  Cabot Shores is not yet there–a “Green Resort”  Becoming one is just another journey set out in our vision.

The vision in brief :

Foster a wilderness destination that provides “comfort” to its guests, staff and visitors, while being in eco harmony with

this special place called “Cabot Shores”  along Indian Brook, Church Pond, the Atlantic.  Nearby are the Indian Brook Great Falls and Indian Brook Wilderness, the Cape Breton Highlands,  and French River Wilderness.

But what we have responsibility for is the land of Cabot Shores, some 55 acres at Indian Brook, 180 acres at Breton Cove and 6 acres at Wreck Cove…Two of the properties have buildings and infrastructure that is clearly NOT GREEN.

So the vision is, frankly, to migrate what we have to a more sustainable place, as well as to add shelters and practices in the future that advance toward the vision of a Green Resort where we

  • Power Cabot Shores as much as possible with renewable energy sources such as The Sun, Wind, Water, Wood…
  • Grow and gather our own food and source food locally (and other products/services) as well
  • Be efficient and decrease the energy consumption and a “carbon footprint”
  • Recycling & Composting & disposal of waste
  • Use products (cleaning and otherwise) that do the job but don’t cause harm to the environment (or to our guests and staff)
  • Respect and be stewards for the magnificent land and pathways of Cabot Shores,  at our locations of Indian Brook, Breton Cove/Skir Dhu & Wreck Cove, while developing some wilderness trails that safely allow our guests and other visitors to view wildlife and the magnificence of the wilderness without destroying the flora and fauna along the way
  • Attend to air quality in rooms and throughout buildings
  • Attend to water quality