Beached Pilot Whale at Jersey Cove, Cape Breton

We got a call the other day that there was a beached whale near the causeway by the Englishtown ferry, so I grabbed my camera and drove down to see it.  An image of a giant whale washed up on shore with a mass of people  trying frantically to save it produced itself in my head, and as I approached the causeway I kept my eyes open for what I thought I might see.  I came across two men from Canada Fisheries and Oceans in waders about 20 meters from shore in waist deep water, huddled around what appeared to be a small Pilot whale, trying to coax it back out to sea. From where I stood I couldn’t get a great glimpse of the creature, only its dorsal fin showed above the water, though from time to time it would list to a side and I could see the whole top ridge of its body. I could tell the animal was disoriented and exhausted, as it slowly swam toward deeper water with the guidance of the two men.  There were moments when I couldn’t decide whether to feel hopeful or anxious, but the animal finally managed to swim away from shore and out to sea.