All on a Winter’s Day…..

Neither of us has had breakfast yet but we are setting out on our morning snow shoe: The sun is out, the sky a deep blue; some clouds in from the West – better not wait….

…crossing  the pond, now frozen, to the beach, normally accessible by ferry, swimming, or not at all – except sometimes in February….

February Rosehips




seaweed for next year’s gardens – to be harvested by canoe and kayak…

A couple of hours later….



All on a Winter’s Day.








3 thoughts on “All on a Winter’s Day…..”

  1. Fantastic, Paul and Barbara! What a great essay, what great pictures, and the eagle is fabulous. Cosmo looks like a wolf!


  2. Canada and the great outdoors. Love that our dear friends are so close to the wildness and taking it in everyday. You two are the wild ones!

  3. I miss you guysbut you keep moving further and further away. It’s hard to keep up with you. Glad you are somewhere you love to be. Looks great but not my type of weather. Stay warm.

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