Adventures Mild to Wild

Cosmo here, the guide dog of Cabot Shores.

Dr. Paul advises guests to have An Adventure a Day on Cape Breton… so you can see I’m out there  balancing on the bow of our kayak, but the eagles get most of  the attention from our guests.

You can see eagles  in at least 3 places around Cabot Shores,  on the beach off St. Ann’s Bay/The Atlantic, on Church Pond and up Indian Brook.

I see the eagles on spruce trees on Moose Bone Beach but now they’re even landing near the chalets and sitting, as if there’s not enough fish to keep them busy.

A chalet guest named Tracey saw this eagle right outside her chalet.  Ask me, this is a “mild adventure”, compared to the eagle Glen Brynes caught of Donelda’s Puffin Tour….fishing in St. Anne’s Bay near the Bird Islands.

Eagle Landing near Donelda’s Puffin Tour Boat (by Glen Brynes)

The eagles actually live and have nests up Indian Brook.  I saw them with the explorer Grant Ranger of Halifax up near the lst falls of Indian Brook.

lst Falls at Indian Brook (Eagles’ Nest Nearby).  Go to the first falls and learn more about Mild to Wild Adventures at Cabot Shores