AARP/WGBH Features Cabot Shores Couple in 5 Weeks to New Life Episode

Barbara & Dr. Paul In “5 Weeks to New Life” Episode

(“Can You Afford to Live Your Dream?”)


The story is about an entrepreneur who takes a risk in starting Cabot

Shores.  That would be Dr. Paul.  Barbara thinks he is risking too much,

complicating their lives, is over his head…in pursuit of a dream…


The dream is Cabot Shores on an Island, you know it, called Cape Breton.


You’ll see us in the episode:”Can You Afford to Live Your Dream?“.

There’s tension, separation and even a happy

ending, but judge for yourself and let us hear your comments…

What do you think of the expert, Jane Bryant Quinn?  Of previous episodes in the series?

It ended well, when we were interviewed last month in Boston…between

interviews, one with Paul, one with Barbara, one together, we had a nice

walk in the Boston Commons…

Boston Commons Break During WGBH Shoot


Let us know your reactions to the Web TV show.  Does it seem real?

Is Cabot Shores’ worth it?  PS Two weeks ago we celebrated our 38th anniversary?

Do you think Barbara looks like she’s old enough to be married 38 years?