Camping at Night at the Edge of the Cabot Trail, Cabot Shores, NS

Camp within a stone’s throw of the Cabot Trail. At the edge of the Indian Brook wilderness, along the Indian Brook River and just below the Indian Brook waterfalls, you’ll have access to tent sites, fire pits, picnic tables, Church Pond and Indian Brook swimming holes. Enjoy Cape Breton’s finest sights and activities right at your fingertips:
Moose at Cabot Shores, NS

  • Swim
  • Kayak and Canoe
  • Hike
  • Bird (and Moose) watch
  • Fish

Our campground is terrific for:

  • Cyclists – Alone or in groups
  • Hikers
 – Couples and families
  • Outdoor Adventurers of all kinds



“We stayed on the campground and had a wonderful time!  It’s as if you are

in a fairy tale forest…We swam in the river, and sat by the fire, it was perfect

Thank you….”Petra and Lex from Amsterdam, the Netherlands…



14 thoughts on “Camping”

  1. Hi there,
    I am coming from New York City touring by motorcycle from July 13-28th and plan on visiting Nova Scotia and found your site on happy cow and wanted to know if I needed reservations to camp and if there is minimum stay?

  2. Looking for accomodations in the last week of August..do you have availability on your campsites??

  3. Yes, we have availability last week of August. We’ll send you more information in a follow-up e-mail, including a you-tube video of the campsite.

  4. Looking for camping accommodations for two adults one teenager and two dogs. July 12 arrival and July 18 departure. Thanks, John

  5. Yes, we have camping available for July 12 arrival and July 18th departure. On website also a video of sites, so you can reserve one with a deposit. Call us at 902 929 2584. Thanks, Paul

  6. Hello, I am traveling alone with a dog. Do you have any shared rooms like hostels? If not, what type of room do you suggest that is the most affordable? Do you have any single rooms? Something besides camping?

  7. If you are on a budget, you may do best with a dog-friendly yurt or tipi. It’s a comfortable step up from camping. Look on the site under cabotshores.com/accommodations under “magical yurts”…Give us a call at 902 929 2584 when we can be of assistance.

  8. Hello there,
    I am looking to stay at your campground from the 3. to the 4. of June.
    Do you have space availeble? And do i need to book in advance?

  9. Hello,

    The campground is open and people have already stayed here. It is a good idea to pre book. Please call 902 929 2584. Thanks, Paul

  10. Looking for a camping site that would be great for 5 adults, 5 motorcycles and 3 tents. could you please email me with the cost and availability for 3 nights June 23, 24, 25 thanks? Also what facilities are available for campers… ie showers/ bathrooms/ laundry? thanks so much

  11. Hi,

    Yes we have a camping site for 5 adults, 5 motorcycles and 3 tents. You’ll have access to bathrooms,showers, swimming and canoe and kayak rentals, as well as a free Eagle Feather ferry to our 2007 beach. There is also a Bistro on premise and hikes out of the door of your tents…Will send quote to our directly as well as camping video…Call us at 902 929 2584 for reservations.

  12. Hi there,

    Looking to book a campsite for July 20, can’t seem to find where to pre-book it on the website. Are there still sites available?


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