Huffing and Puffin’: Bird Island and Puffin Tours

photo by: Chris DufourI’ve been asking myself how puffin’s have the time to do such intricate beak-art and unique eye-liner—I mean, to be able to perfect that kind
of art while floating in an unforgiving and constantly moving ocean is impressive and a skill many of us humans would love to acquire.

In all seriousness, the puffins have arrived and I encourage you to pay them a visit with Donald’s Puffin Boat Tours while they’re here and see for yourself how interesting these little birds are.

photo by: Chris Dufour

The tour starts out with some breathtaking interactions with bald eagles that are nesting around the Englishtown Bay. The eagles and Donelda have a great relationship, where in exchange for some breakfast and lunch they give everyone a show by soaring right down next to the boat to snack up their lunch and fly back into the mountains.

Once the eagles have eaten, the tour continues out to bird island—the land of the free, the eclectic, and numerous. The amount of birds is overwhelmingly incredible. You’ll see a variety of birds including great cormorants, razorbill, black guillemot, seals, and the infamous puffin. On the way to the island Donelda gives you information and descriptions about the birds and sets your expectations—which will be met—for when you arrive to the Bird Islands.


Not only do you get the scoop on the news with birds, but you also get some great information on Cape Breton and the lobster industry.  An interesting fact about lobsters: they actually shrink their bodies until they can pop out of their shells, retain as much water as possible, and rebuild an entire new shell; this happens approximately 20 times for the lobster to enter the one pound market.

The birds, education, Donelda, and wonderful fellow tour pals make this excursion breathtaking and memorable. Take some time to feel the fresh ocean breeze, savour the experience, and appreciate the fact that evolution somehow made these little puffins so inconceivably adorable.

Staying at Cabot Shores makes going on Puffin Tours very easy. We’re located approximately 15 minutes away from Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tours and we can even add the trip to your itinerary for when you arrive.


Photo rights to: Chris Dufour