Your Getaway, Gathering, Even an Adventure Movie (2G spot or Movie)

You don’t have to be famous like Charley Boorman of  Long Way Round fame (with actor Ewan McGregor)

to have a great getaway, gathering or even make an adventure movie here at

Cabot Shores on Cape Breton Island.

Whether on a lobster fishing boat like Charley Boorman directed by Russ Malkin for Extreme Frontiers Canada (channel 5, London)

or author Paul Chiasson  in “Cape Breton: Mysterious Ruins” on (  or simply a couples getaway, family or friend’s reunion

you are at the edge of the Wilderness here but with the support and comforts allowing you to make that movie or celebrate your adventures with something as simple as a big bonfire, feast or live music (often all three!)

or Dr Paul and

Barbara on a

WGBH/AARP  webseries on the trials and joys of creating Cabot Shores in the first place…called “5 Weeks to a New Life”

You can create and experience a wide variety of adventure here, as Dr Paul says, “Mild to Wild”,—outdoor, cultural, personal.

And there is as at the same time the opportunity for Retreat…for restoring balance, for re-connecting and for focusing your energy

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